Pops Of Color, Just In Time For Summer

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Sometimes changing things up and giving a new fresh look to your space is as easy as adding a pop of color.  Spending time entertaining or relaxing in your outdoor area should be a huge part of your summer days and nights.  Nothing enlivens that outside living space like pillows. You can change the entire look with fun, modern, graphic, bold pillows that also add that touch of flair and comfort. Mix, match, play with color, you can’t go wrong – especially once you add family and friends. You can also add some beach-inspired towels to help perk up your bathroom. They’re also a beautiful addition poolside. Wrap yourself in luxurious comfort with soft, beautiful, absorbent towels that add subtle nautical flair with stripes in muted colors. But it’s not just about your outdoor space. A simple, breezy tablecloth with an unexpected dip dye look adds an unexpected splash of whimsy to your dining experience. Casual, yet elegant, this modern tablecloth is perfect whether you’re dining indoors or entertaining alfresco. These easy updates from ShopNineSpace.com have bold impact and give you that fresh, updated stylish feel that come with summer.

Drug Coupons Enable Consumers to Save at the Pharmacies

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To help the consumers afford the brand name drugs, the drug manufacturers offer drug coupons. Some of these may be in the form of discounts, free trials, etc. The drug manufacturers also employ many representatives to market their drugs to the physicians. These representatives may provide the physicians the drug coupons. Therefore, always ask your physicians if they have any coupons that can be used with your prescriptions.

Another source for getting the coupons is the Internet. For each prescription drug, you may have to perform several searches to find the coupons. If you take multiple prescription drugs, you may have to perform multiple searches. Because this search process can be time consuming, many consumers simply find the experience frustrated.

The best way to find your coupons is to visit a site that collects all the coupons and make them available to the consumers. One example of such a site is Drugzoo.com. This site provides hundreds of coupons for prescription drugs as well as non-prescription drugs. Since these drug coupons are offered from a single web site, the consumers can save significant time finding the right coupons. The coupons are organized in alphabetical orders, making it very easy to review the drug information and to access them. Most of the times, these drug coupons can be printed at home using own personal computer printer. Some of these drug coupons can save the consumers hundreds of dollars per year.

In this economy, being able to save several hundreds per year is a good enough motivation for many of us. Be sure to print the coupons before heading to the pharmacies.

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Cable TV 101 – Giving Discounts to Senior Customers

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We all know that giving respect and priority to the senior citizens is a good thing for all of us. Most companies from around the world are giving special discounts and privileges for the senior citizens when they purchase any product they want. For example, if you always eat at McDonald’s, there is a priority lane for the older citizens for them to order what they want. It is a sign of respect for our older citizens, which they are needed to be treated like a real adult. Senior citizens are having their own membership card to present, in order for the sellers to validate and to give them priority and privilege. Senior citizens were also given priority and privilege in supermarkets. Since there are lot of people who are forming their line to the cashier, it is important for us to give senior citizens some respect. They are now giving them a special priority lane for them to deposit their goods to the cashier and less time to wait for the others who are falling in line.

We must think that we should be like them someday, and it will happen when we get older. As young adults, we need to respect the priority of a senior citizen, even with or without a membership card. Senior citizens also like to watch television. They can watch romantic and comedy movies or even news channels like CNN. If they are interested to watch quality shows on TV, they don’t stick to a regular antenna-type television. What they need is a cable television, which can be installed easily after they subscribe. Some cable TV companies don’t offer special discounts and privileges to older citizens, instead they offer it to all ages. They treated us as normal customers, even older citizens. But there are some cable TV companies that can offer special discounts to older citizens, in a way of using their coupon codes. If these people know how to use the internet, they can purchase it through credit card or any payment processor like PayPal. Cable television providers are displaying their coupon codes for all new and existing customers in their website. Through coupon codes, they are completely eligible on availing discounts and bonuses from their purchase.

Most older citizens do not know how to use the internet, because there were no computers exists during their younger years. Although they know how to use the typewriter, but not the computer with an internet connection. It is an advantage for them to use the computer, in order for them to complete their transactions as fast as possible. It is not required for senior citizens learn about the computer, because they considered themselves retired unless they still have enough strength to do it. When our parents reach the age of sixty and above, they already entered the final stage as senior citizens. It is a true blessing for them to be a senior citizen, because lots of us are giving mutual respect for them. Not only we give them respect, but also different companies and firms around the world like cable TV.

Source by Jamar Wilson

7 Money Saving Cruise Tips for Carnival Cruises

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So you’re thinking of going on a Carnival cruise! Here are some helpful tips that are sure to help you save money and enjoy your cruise to the fullest! These 7 cruise tips for Carnival cruises are guaranteed to maximize your cruise experience.

Cruise Tip #1 – Book your next cruise while still aboard the ship. Carnival cruises will many times offer great incentives and discounts when you take advantage of this offer. Many ships will have an agent on board to serve you with significant savings and credits to passengers who take advantage of this great option. You always have the option to alter or cancel the reservation if your plans happen to change. Carnival cruises will allow you to alter the reservation with no penalty if it is done 75-90 days in advance of your date of sail. If you can’t take advantage of booking while on the ship, timing is crucial in getting the best price off board. The best way to get discounted pricing on cruises is to either book far in advance or else take advantage of last minute deals. The further in advance you are able to book your cruise, the cheaper it will be. Carnival cruises also always prefer their ships to be full, so they offer fabulous discounts and incentives available very last minute. This is a wonderful option if you live near a cruise port or have a flexible schedule.

Cruise Tip #2 – Try to stay away from the casino and gambling areas, as well as other costs that are not covered in your cruise fee. Carnival cruises are pretty good about being all-inclusive, however many ships do not have gambling as a covered cost. Try to ignore the temptation, as the ships are commonly designed to draw you in with this extra expense. Stick to the activities that are already covered…such as movies, cooking classes or other demonstrations. There are plenty of free options that will keep you busy and entertained. Many Carnival cruises will offer great options such as wine tasting as a quality alternative to gambling.

Cruise Tip #3 -Always pay for your gratuities in advance when Carnival cruise offers you this option. Many experts in the cruise industry talk about this in depth. It’s customary for most cruise lines to pay tips to the crew, and many times this is done the last night. However, if you have the option to add it into your initial expense, take advantage of it! This is a great budgeting tool because it gets this cost out of the way early and will help you to make sure you stay within your designated budget amount.

Cruise Tip #4 – Be adventurous! Try exploring a port on your own as opposed to paying for an expensive on shore excursion. You’ll be amazed at how much more you can immerse yourself in the culture and feel of the place if you only stay open to what you might discover on your own. You can also fend for yourself when you’re on shore and book your own tours! If you prefer a guided tour or experience, try booking directly through a vendor upon your arrival as you will skip the cruise lines expensive mark-up. Carnival cruises make a ton of money on these day trips from various ports. If you book your day trip at the actual port directly through a vendor, you will be sure to skip the inflated cruise cost offered. Many popular options such as nature tours, tequila tasting and pirate tours are available to anyone, not just cruise customers. It’s really easy to book all of these excursions on your own!

Cruise Tip #5 – You can have your massage and not pay an arm and a leg for it. Inquire with the on-board spa if it offers day port specials. Many Carnival cruise ships offer this option. Cruise Diva author Linda Coffman recommends this option as massages can be pricey. However, spas on board sometimes struggle to attract customers when the boat is ported, and will offer impressive discounts to those who take advantage of port days. If you don’t mind missing some of your time ashore, explore this option. Another way to take advantage of spa facilities is to find out which spa comforts are free and use them as much as possible. Much of this information is not publicized and can be really useful if you’ll only ask! Many Carnival cruise ships have free saunas, steam rooms and don’t forget the pool! You will usually have access to the exercise equipment as well. Ask if your Carnival cruise offers complimentary exercise classes or facials through out the cruise.

Cruise Tip #6 – If you like to partake in alcoholic beverages, pack your own booze! Bringing your own alcohol may be discouraged, but most Carnival cruises will allow you to bring it aboard. Prices on the ship are drastically inflated, not to mention the gratuity fee we already discussed being added, and the liquor you buy at duty free must be set aside till the trip is over. That being said, if you plan to drink, you should take advantage of whatever allowance you can bring on board. Free drinks are sometimes handed out at events like the captain’s welcoming reception or the cruiser’s return party. Make sure you know when these events are and make good use of them. Also, if you do drink at meals, you can avoid the corkage fee by ordering room service or bringing the food back to your room.

Cruise Tip #7 – Stay committed! You’ve done your homework and know that Carnival cruise suits your needs. Now make sure you’re rewarded for staying to committed to the same line. If you do, you can often get large discounts for customer loyalty. After you’re on the mailing list you’ll be able to take advantage of disounted rates on cruises, and you’ll get special offers and perks, including on board credits and free on board meal upgrades.

It’s not hard to see the appeal of taking a cruise for your next vacation. We know these cruise tips for Carnival cruises will help you save so much money that you can easily control your costs and continue to cruise for years to come!

Happy sailing!!

Source by Laural Langmeyer

Digital Scrapbooking Freebies

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Scrapbooking is a fun activity and it has reached a level where it has outdone other hobby activities. There are those scrapbooking that can be done manually and those that can be done with the computer. You can get guidance on how to go about it from the Internet. There are templates and freebies that one can make use while on the Internet and which come with free digital scarp booking sites.

Digital scrapbooking freebies allow you the liberty to change the appearance of the scrap book every so often with the use of different freebies. Maybe at this point you are asking what freebies are. Well, they are the pictures or images that send out the message or explain what your scrap book is all about. They are pictures that are worth one thousand words.

Digital scrapbooking freebies are economical to use and they come in different form like icons, buttons, images and clips which are free and very easy to download. They enhance the general outlook of your scrap book by giving them a unique and impressive looks. Remember the more impressive your freebies are, the higher the chances are that people will want to spend lots of their time going through your digital scrap book.

Digital scrapbooking freebies are normally sorted out according to the occasion they represent. You will therefore find that there are those that bear the Halloween theme, Christmas messages, thanksgiving, birthday among many others. You should carefully select them to avoid the possibility of mismatching your photos to the freebies. Others are not intended for commercial use and you should be careful not to infringe on them. Those that you download are not your property and you should be careful how you use them.

Source by Peter Gitundu

Iolo System Mechanic: Upgrade Your Productivity

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Computers are such an integral part of our lives, we rarely even notice them even when we are using them.  Unlike just 10 years ago, laptops and traditional desktop computers have such amazing specs that even when they slow down, they’re still pretty fast.  This also means that by the time they become unbearably slow, there is probably either a hardware problem or an insane amount of junk clogging up the works. I am writing this on an older, but not terribly old, Dell Laptop with 3 GB of Ram and a Quad Core I5 Intel processor.  It was pretty impressive in days gone by, but lately, not so much.  After waiting for what seemed like hours (though certainly only minutes) for it to boot up and be ready to go recently, I had reached the end of my patience.  Is it asking too much to just be able to boot up real fast to perform a quick website update?  My readers need COUPONS, and I can’t very well get them posted while the Windows logo just sits there pulsating like it has nothing better to do, right? On my own homepage, there was a link for Iolo.  I had used their products in the past with some success, so I decided to check out their offerings.  And suddenly, System Mechanic came back into my life, and now I’m wondering why I ever let it leave. To accurately measure my startup time, I timed how long it took from pressing the power button to getting to the login screen.  The interminably long startup time I mentioned before actually turned out to be just over 86 seconds.  Not an eternity, unless you have an update to do and they’re calling your flight for boarding. After logging on, I installed the Iolo System Mechanic software, activated it, and restarted again, just to start with a clean slate.  I did the initial scan, and 7 problems areas were identified with in just a couple of minutes.

When you find out you have 2.38GB of system clutter, and you installed Windows only a month ago, you feel like a bit of a failure.  255 registry problems?  Never backed up the registry?  The list continues, and its very much like a nice, tidy list of grievances my PC is presenting to the world.  In any case, we’ll have this rectified in short order.

One feature about Iolo System Mechanic I like is the ability to choose which operations actually happen when you click “Repair”.  Maybe the “Unnecessary Startup Item” it found is there because that is precisely where you need it to be; uncheck the box, move on.  System Mechanic doesn’t judge, maybe you are that one person who has found a use for Microsoft Groove.  If so, congratulations, and please let me know who you are, as you may be due an award or something.

So, moving on, I chose to “Repair All”, and I was informed my PC would need to be restarted to complete some of the operations.  I let the PC boot up, then shutdown again so we could do a full boot for accurate timing to check for improvements, or the lack thereof.

After the first run of Iolo System Mechanic, my boot time decreased to 47.7 seconds, an improvement of almost 40 seconds.  It didn’t cut my boot time quite in half, but that is a substantial improvement in anyone’s book.  There is a little widget in the upper right corner of my desktop that is apparently monitoring my system health, which is pretty reassuring, as it is pretty obvious I haven’t been monitoring it very well.

Digging a little deeper into System Mechanic, I found the Toolbox, which contains even more ways to enhance and/or repair your PC performance.  CRUDD Remover is a great utility to remove redundant software, items that are often bundled in with even a new PC purchase.  Stability Guard helps track down the source of crashes, freezes, etc, and could just as easily be called “Sanity Guard”, because it tracks down those little things that can drive you crazy with any PC.  Designated Drivers allows you to update all of your drivers with one click, and DriveAccelerator is a supercharged defragmentation tool that has been completely redesigned to take advantage of Program Accelerator and AcceleWrite, which are also bundled modules with Iolo System Mechanic 12.7.  There are MANY more modules that deserve a lot more room than I can give them here, and the list of what you can accomplish with this program is truly astounding.

Overall, this is solid software for a very reasonable price.  Depending on the value you place on your time (if you have the time and patience to wait for a slow booting machine, you need to find a better use for your time), this software pays for itself in productivity gained in a short period of time.  Iolo has several other products available as well, and the quality of this program has certainly placed this company on the A List for utility software for my needs.

Summer Savings: Swimming Pools

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The snow is melting, trees are budding, and you’re just finding out that your air conditioner needs a very expensive part to work properly, even though it was fine just months ago. Spring is finally here (at least for most of us), and soon enough, summer will be beating us down with heat and humidity.

For a lot of people, its time to think about getting the pool ready for another season of fun in the sun. Having a pool is the ultimate outdoor accessory for your home, adding value and tons of tun. The downside to owning a pool is the costs, which can be prohibitive. Like a lot of things today, you can save a lot of money by shopping around online, and InTheSwim.com can make your transition to summer a little less painful.InTheSwim

Opening kits range from $19.99 for pools up to 7,500 gallons to just $44.99 for a 30,000 gallon kit. They also have liners, cleaners, heaters, and just about anything else you could need to open and maintain your personal little oasis all summer long. Lighting accessories, automatic cleaners, slides, and many other items are all available for less than you would pay at your local brick and mortar store, plus your items ship free when you spend more than $50 with a coupon you can find here.

For those of you who have children in your life (or in your neighborhood), there is a huge selection of pool alarms available as well. Safety is paramount to a responsible pool owner, so be sure to protect the little ones (and pets) by helping them to be safe as well. There are a selection of fences available from InTheSwim.com as well, so take a moment to browse the attractive and practical options available.

Pools are awesome, and you can find ways to make yours more awesome and spend less money with a little online shopping. So have fun, dive in, and save on.

Air Filters: Pull Savings Out of Thin Air

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You’re a busy person.  Whether its rushing the kids off to school, trying to meet a deadline for a demanding client, or trying to get dinner ready so no one “starves” tonight, we could all use a little more time.  With so much to do, its hard to remember tall of the small, but important, maintenance tasks that make your home run trouble free.

Changing my air filters isn’t something that spends a lot of time at the forefront of my mind.  The A/C works when its hot, there is heat when its cold, and one of the only times I think very much at all about my HVAC system is when it isn’t running properly or as efficiently as it should.  The easiest way to keep your system working properly is to feed it fresh filters at the correct interval.  Just as it is for you, air flow is life for an HVAC system.  Air comes in, air goes out, and if that isn’t working properly, problems begin to show up.  After all, you most likely wouldn’t perform at your optimal level with a bag over your head (don’t try this at home!), and your HVAC is very much the same.  I have been guilty of starving my poor little HVAC of air on more than one occasion, simply because I forget to change the filters.  It only takes 2 minutes for me to change the air filters (this includes time for me to comment on how dusty the old ones are, and act like I have no idea why they would be this dirty).

FilterEasy.com Air FiltersAt last, I have found a very easy solution.  FilterEasy.com has come into my life, and my HVAC system is breathing again!  Shipped right to my door, and coming again in 3 months, two brand new, high quality intake filters have my A/C humming along strong.  Not only do I not have to remember to buy filters at the store, but I don’t even have to keep track of the proper size ; my account at FilterEasy has my information stored and ready to use in time for my next shipment.  There is no better reminder to change your filters than having a 30 inch long box show up on your front porch.  So now I have the correct filters coming straight to my door, at the proper time they should changed, and I pay no more than I would have in a local “Big Box” store for a product of better quality.  I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t choose to do the same, and our friends at FilterEasy.com are going to give you a chance to find out for yourself!

This post was created in partnership with eAccountable, but all opinions, as always, are my own. I think you will share some of my opinions on this if you only give it a try, so we are going to give you an opportunity to save on Air Filters with no risk to you. SavingsGator.com and FilterEasy will be giving away one free shipment of air filters to two different winners, and you can enter for your chance below. Multiple entries are available, so enter now!

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Hidden Savings: Office Supplies

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Running a small business is tough enough with business plans, SWOT analyses, SEO nightmares and the like. But then there is the mundane task of buying the stuff you need just so you can get up in the morning. Convenience shopping will take a chunk out of your profits. So what can you do? Here are some tips for saving on the office supplies you need to run your business without breaking the bank.

101inks Logo

Ink is expensive, but 101inks will help you save!

Ink and Toner: We all know there ought to be a law that these items be available at fair and reasonable prices. They are like air; without them you die. One way to avoid the five or six hundred percent markups is to use an online ink supplier. A great source for this is 101inks. They offer ridiculously discounted deals that make you wonder how any sane person would pay retail for printer ink. They sell name brand ink and toner at a substantial discount compared to Staples or Office Depot. There is one caveat though; some of the higher end printers now seem to have sensors that can detect a “generic” ink. When they detect this, they become like a toddler who will not give up his ground.  No name brand ink, no print.

Another resource is Office Products Mall. This site has a unique mission and offers quality products at very reasonable prices. Files, folders, pens, they have it all the office supplies you need.  They ship fast, so you can get what you need very quickly.

Dollar General Logo

New items every day, save on supplies!

One source that most business owners do not think of often enough is discount stores, such as Dollar Tree and Dollar General. It may seem unconventional and even a bit self-deprecating to go to a dollar store for your business needs, but if you need a place you can physically go to and find common items like pens, poster board, markers, then these places will work for you. They also have  websites, so you can order online too. Often there are items online that are not always in the stores. But remember, not every item is a good deal; you have to keep your shoppers’ wits about you. Often, though, there are some very attractive deals here. It is the kind of site a business may want to look at weekly to see what is available.

Every cent you can save helps your bottom line, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality to save money of office supplies.  Be diligent, check out the shops around you, and visit us at SavingsGator.com to find the best savings on all the office supplies and other items you need to run your business efficiently.

New Parent Savings: Feeding

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Feeding a baby can be a challenging undertaking for new parents.  The traditional way of feeding your child, breastfeeding, is still recommended by most doctors, but it isn’t always possible or even preferable for some families.  Here, we have some items that will make feeding your child a bit easier no matter which way you choose, and save you some money at the same time.


UdderCoversFirst, to combat the cold and provide a bit of privacy, there are a variety of covers made just for the purpose of breastfeeding.  A free breastfeeding cover is available from Uddercovers.com for the cost of shipping and handling only.  Use code PJBABY when checking out to receive yours.  No limits on use, you just have to open a new window to order another.  They have a variety of patterns, so choose a few that fit your style.

Phillips AventA mother may choose to use a breast pump for those occasions when someone else will need to feed the baby, or to relieve the pain of excess production.  Whatever the reason, there are a wide variety of options when purchasing a breast pump.  The most popular is the Phillips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump, available from Amazon and other retailers.  You will also need to store the milk you pump, so you will need to purchase some storage bags as well.

If you are storing milk, it is reasonable to assume you will need to dispense this milk as well.  There are many styles of baby bottles, so choose one that you are comfortable using.  I recommend this starter kit from Avent, as I have had good experiences with them in the past.  Please keep in mind, as babies grow, you will need to upgrade the bottle nipples to increase the flow. Older infants trying to drink through a hole designed for a newborn would probably be as frustrated as you would be trying to drink a thick milkshake through one of those little coffee stirring straws, so be diligent about keeping up with his needs.

Breast milk can be stored a room temperature for  up to 10 hours safely, but me, being the somewhat paranoid parent at times, would give 4 hours as a safer limit.  Honestly, if it is going to be 10 hours, why not just refrigerate anyway?  Breast milk can  be safely stored for up to 8 days in the refrigerator, and 6-12 months in a freezer.  To safely thaw milk that has been frozen, move it to the refrigerator for about 24 hours.  You then need to use it within 1 day, or dispose of it.  Breast milk should not be refrozen.

Bottle WarmerYou can warm stored milk by running it under warm water, or using a dedicated bottle warmer.  These are inexpensive and usually work by heating water inside until it turns to steam, which then heats the bottle.  NEVER warm baby milk in a microwave, as the uneven heating can make it difficult achieve a safe, consistent temperature for the baby.


The other method many choose for feeding their new infant is baby formula.  This comes as a powder or concentrated liquid, and is available from many manufacturers.  Whichever you choose, all of them in the US must meet minimum standards of nutrition, so the differences are going be a matter of preference more than anything else.  Some have added vitamins, some are formulated to be more gentle on the stomach, some are formulated from soy or other ingredients for children who have an allergy, and the list goes on and on.

One very important point to understand is how to mix the formula.  There are clear directions on proportions on all of the labels, and it is crucial that you do not mix more formula into the water than indicated.  Concentrated baby formula can make your baby sick.  They can become dehydrated, vomit, or be constipated, all of which translate to a very unhappy little boy or girl.  It is also important to use the correct water, distilled, to avoid any additives in tap water.

A lot of hospitals will give you some samples of ready to drink formulas, which obviously do not need mixing.  Samples are a great way to find out what your baby prefers.  This sounds a bit silly, but my second child would not drink the same formula brand my first daughter did.  I don’t know why, but babies can be very choosy, even if there is no possible way they could know they even HAVE a choice.

As above, you need to be mindful to use the correct nipple opening size for your child.  Mixed formula should be refrigerated if not used with an hour, and mixed formula can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.  A bottle warmer is a necessity, and  warmer that works in the car, such as the Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer, is nice to have as well when you use formula exclusively.

The nice thing about starting out with a baby is there are really only 2 ways to go, breast milk or formula.  Later on, when they start eating more solid foods, the possibilities are almost endless, so making the right choice is harder.  Enjoy the quiet feedings now, because more variety, and stained little shirts, are just a few months away.


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